Homemade Mayonnaise in 30 Seconds

Homemade Mayonnaise In 30 SECONDS - For this easy recipe you only need: 5 ingredients, an immersion blender and a jar!

Mayonnaise is notoriously difficult to make. You start by whisking the egg yolks, a bit of mustard and lemon juice or vinegar. Then you pour in the oil  in a thin stream as you continue to beat rapidly. If you pour in the oil too fast  you will end up with a curdled, oily mixture.

The easiest solution? Use a hand blender and in 30 second you will have a creamy and delicious homemade mayonnaise. Seriously, no joke!

You only need 5 ingredients, an immersion blender and a jar. Use a tall and narrow jar, with the opening that’s just wide enough to accommodate your immersion blender. You can use the same jar to make and store the mayonnaise. Make sure that the oil and egg are cold from the fridge.

I don’t eat mayonnaise every day but there are some recipes that would not be the same without it: chicken salad, egg salad, coleslaw, deviled eggs, burgers, etc.

Making your homemade mayonnaise is a much healthier option since there are no preservatives and other chemicals used in the  store-bought mayo.

Try this recipe and I bet you are never gonna buy mayonnaise ever again!

homemade mayonnaise in 30 seconds
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Homemade Mayonnaise in 30 Seconds
Prep Time:
5 mins
Total Time:
5 mins
Author: As Easy As Apple Pie
Course: Condiment / Spread
Servings:1 cup

You can have a creamy and delicious homemade mayonnaise in 30 seconds. It's easy, you need 5 ingredients, an immersion blender and a jar!

  • 1 egg cold from the fridge
  • 200 grams (3/4 cups+ 2 1/2 tablespoons) sunflower oil cold from the fridge
  • 1 tablespoon white wine vinegar or lemon juice
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 1 teaspoon Dijion mustard optional
  1. Put all the ingredients into a tall, narrow container. I used the one that came with my immersion blender. Follow this order: egg (be careful not to break the yolk), oil, white vinegar, salt, Dijion mustard.
  2. Insert the immersion blender and push it all the way to the bottom of the jar.
  3. Turn it on at the highest speed and DO NOT move the blender for 10 seconds.
  4. Almost instantly the mixture will begin to emulsify and look like mayo. Now you can move the immersion blender up and down to incorporate any oil that is sitting on the top.
  5. Your homemade mayonnaise is ready. Keep it refrigerated and use it within one week.
Nutrition Information
Amount per serving (1 tablespoon) — Calories: 102, Fat: 11g, Saturated Fat: 1g, Cholesterol: 11mg, Sodium: 45mg

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Homemade Mayonnaise In 30 SECONDS - For this easy recipe you only need: 5 ingredients, an immersion blender and a jar!

114 comments on “Homemade Mayonnaise in 30 Seconds”

  1. I have been terrified of making mayonnaise for the very reason you describe, making sure it stays smooth and not a clumpy oily mess. I am going to have to give your version a try and over come my fear. Thank you.

  2. Homemade mayonnaise in 30 seconds?! WOW I have to try the recipe.. thanks for sharing it Elena!

  3. I was wondering why we need to be careful not to break the yolk since whizzing it with the immersion blender and the rest of the ingredients will surely do the job anyway.

    • When you make mayonnaise with the traditional method, you start by whisking together the egg, mustard and vinegar.Then you add the oil in a thin steady stream. With the hand blender, the blades are in direct contact with the egg, vinegar or lemon juice and mustard. As the emulsion forms the blender motion creates a vortex that gradually pulls the oil down into the mixture a little bit at a time (replicating the slow oil-adding process). So you break the yolk only when you put the blender stick in the jar and turn it on. Does it make sense?

  4. can this be doubled?

  5. Have you used olive oil instead of sunflower oil?

  6. How much mayo will this be? a full jar, etc?

  7. Is 13 grams = to a tablespoon?

  8. Can you do this in a regular blender or a food processor?

  9. CAn vegetable oil be used instead of sunflower oil?

  10. Can we do this with egg yolks only will it still work. Desperate to get rid of store bought mayonnaise that lasts forever in the fridge – that just cant be good for you….

  11. I just have to tell you I am loving your website! I moved to Italy about a year ago and have been forced to make everything from scratch since I can’t find things at the store that measure up to the brands I am used to… that is unless I am cooking Italian food. Which let’s face it I have stopped making in lieu of the fact that I can get amazing home cooked Italian basically everywhere. BUT i have been missing mexican food and other condiments/seasoning packets that I can’t find here. Your website has been so helpful and I am now thinking that I will make everything from scratch when I move back to the US because it just tastes so much better anyway!

    Thanks so much!

    • Andrea, that’s exactly how I felt when I moved to Bahrain…and homemade is always better, anyway πŸ™‚
      I hope you will enjoy my recipes and if you have any question don’t hesitate to contact me. πŸ™‚

  12. I made mayor with your recipe, but I added garlic, black pepper and little horseradish. It was good.
    Thanks for basic recipe.

    • That sounds so good, Irina! πŸ™‚

    • When I was young, we could buy something called “sandwich spread” that was on the shelf beside the Mayo and Miracle whip. It was a reddish yellow and had some sort of relish added in. I don’t think that it was Kraft.

  13. Oh my goodness ! !! How easy and fast! Loved the flavor!! Thank you for this wonderful recipe ! !

  14. I tried this. The texture was perfect. Unfortunately, I used olive oil and the taste was awful. I used olive oil and lemon juice – it was bad. Then I used olive oil and vinegar and it was a little better, but still not good. I was trying to use a healthier oil but I will need try something else, maybe avocado oil? The process was amazingly easy and the texture was perfect.

    • I think avocado oil will work well. I’ve tried it as well with olive oil, and I didn’t like the taste.
      Please let me know how it goes πŸ™‚

    • Thank you for posting this. I just saw this recipe and I was going to use olive oil. I guess I will stick to sunflower oil .

    • Avocado oil is to heavy….I was warned not to and I did anyway. Β I didn’t care for it.

  15. I just got done making your mayo. I loved how easy it was to make and I loved it. My son said something was missing the pow the lemon gives it. Next time I’ll do half vinegar and half lemon. My go to recipe for Mayo from now on.

  16. Sure was amazed at how quick and fast so very good

  17. I just did a Japanese mayo using 70gm toasted sesame oil and 130gm sunflower oil. The flavor is outstanding! Thank you for posting this.

  18. I’m so angry about this. All of the wasted eggs. All of the wasted oil. All of the wasted TIME. I’ve used a stand mixer, a food processor, a blender, and even whisked by hand. Hours of mixed, inconsistent results and cleaning up oil splatters.

    When all I had to do for perfect mayo was pull out my immersion blender and a wide mouth mason jar. Sigh. Live and learn. Thank you SO MUCH for this recipe; it works perfectly. I added more vinegar and salt to suit my taste. No more store bought mayo… But I’m still frustrated that it’s seriously THIS EASY after I tried for SO LONG to make homemade mayonnaise with my extra eggs lol. Good Lord.

  19. Β You said this recipe calls for egg yolk only. It does not say that in the recipe. Β It says one egg straight from the refrigerator not one egg yolk. Β Now I’m confused….Β 

  20. Crazy Easy, Crazy Good!!!
    Thank You!

  21. I love adding mayonnaise to my scrambled eggs before frying them. I keep running out of mayonnaise because of this, but I will make a big container of mayo and maybe share some to my friends. Thank you so much for sharing this, Elena!

  22. The recipe says it makes 1 cup. When you list the nutrition, are you talking about the whole cup as the serving size or a lesser amount? I have to limit my fat intake.

  23. You must only post the positive comments and since you have ads on your website, I am guessing a negative comment would not give you web traffic. I followed this to the letter and it did not work at all. And it is really irritating to see the stock photo picture of mayo that this would look nothing like even if the recipe worked. With the yolks, this would have a hint of yellow….certainly not bright white.

    • No, I do not approve only positive comments as you can see. πŸ™‚ I am sorry the recipe didn’t work out for you. Several people made the recipe successfully.

      By the way, I do not use stock photos, I take all the picture after I make the recipe. My eggs have a pale yolk, that’s why the color is not bright yellow.

      I hope this clears all your doubts!

    • Just made a double batch with lime juice, it’s perfect. In France we only use flavor neutral oils for mayonnaise bases. This was very nice and will make it again. Thank you for the recipe.

  24. Super easy and tastes great! Thanks for sharing.Β 

  25. I make my own mayo to avoid seed oils/vegetable oils…and always DREAD it because it takes so long and I’m afraid of breaking it by adding too much oil too fast. I was skeptical when I read this but I tried it and it works! Mayo in 20 seconds or so… THANK YOU!

  26. Just as you said, mayo in 30 seconds! Thank you!

  27. Being the world’s worst mayo-maker, I followed your directions with vegetable oil, great doubt, and little confidence. Eureka! First time success! Absolutely incredible. Will never buy mayo from the store again. Thank you! Note to first timers: Keep that immersion blender going until it gets nice and fluffy. Thank you!

  28. Glad to hear that, Ethel!

  29. Fantastic foolproof recipe! Having had bad experiences making my own mayo before, I could not believe the yummy result. Have made it a second time – just in case my first attempt was an absolute fluke πŸ™‚ – and it’s perfect again! Even adjusted the mustard to a teaspoon, a little more salt and tried apple cider vinegar.

  30. AWESOME. Perfect thank you so much.

  31. I can’t believe how perfectly in this turned out. Thank you!

  32. Eureka! Like many others who have tried many times to get the mayo right, I have been trying for a long time. I have RA and need to avoid soy everything so Mayo from the store is pretty much out. I am a mayo lover. I eat it on everything. I have made about 6 batches and 5 have failed in the last few months. Today I made yours and am pleasantly surprised at the flavor. Most homemade mayo is bitter tasting but this was pretty good. I still have to tweak it to my personal taste but so much better than the others and even better than my favorite deadly store-bought brand.

  33. Thank you so much! I have never made mayo before, so I had no idea what to expect, but this worked exactly as described!

    I adjusted somewhat for my households tastes; lime instead of lemon, olive oil as that was what I had on hand, and added Chipotle flakes because I love the taste, and it worked perfectly! The stronger flavours of the lime and Chipotle worked perfectly with the underlying olive oil taste. I will be experimenting with this for years to come!

  34. Thanks for giving me the confidence…I did it!!!! Yessss…pumps a fist

  35. Varied from the recipe a bit by using half avocado oil half light olive oil, then used one T apple cider vinegar and 1 T lemon juice. Blended perfectly and it’s really good, but if I did it again, I’d go with 1.5T vinegar and .5 T lemon juice as it is a bit too lemony. Thanks!

  36. This recipe is amazing. Every time I make mayonnaise it never works. I tried this recipe and first go thick creamy mayonnaise. Thanks so much. I will never buy shop mayonnaise again. 5 stars

  37. I made lots of mayonnaise before, the old way, and it worked for me, but the time it takes. This is a good time saver and a good mayo. Made it for the first time today, found it a bit on the vinegar side but will start experiencing to make it to my taste.

    Good recipe, love it

  38. Amazing I cannot believe this works! I’ve done the drizzle many a time and know how easy it is to mess up. I even broke my egg yolk a little and it still turned out great. Also love that it’s whole egg and not a huge batch. I might just have to go back to making homemade on the regular!

  39. Great and simple recipe thank you!

  40. I am so glad I found this recipe. There is just one extra ingredient I add which makes it perfect – 1 tablespoon of ice cold water! Try it – it works!

  41. WOW! This is EXCELLENT. It’s the Best tasting Mayo that I’ve ever had & I can’t believe it was so easy to make. I can’t eat anything with Soy in it and all the Mayo at the market has Soy. I plan to make deviled eggs & potato salad this week! I couldn’t find Sun Flower Oil at my local market but I found a Sun Flower/Coconut Oil mix to use. The outcome was Really Good. Thank you for your recipe.

  42. This recipe made me cry. Like another commenter above, I tried an egg beater, an immersion blender, a mixer. Warm eggs, cold eggs, canola oil, grapeseed oil. An hour of blending to get semi fluffy mayo that became an oily mess with the addition of more oil. So many precious farmer eggs wasted. This recipe was going to be my final attempt… And lo and behold, perfect, exquisite fluffy mayo in 10 seconds. Unbelievable that holding the blender down is the magical potion motion. Thank you!!

  43. I love love this recipe, I have never been lucky with homemade mayonnaise recipes but this a game changer. Thank you so much

  44. I realised I had no mayonnaise in the kitchen so I looked for a mega fast recipe. Found one! The ingredients are in most kitchens. This is amazing. I’ll never get store bought again. Thank you.

  45. The best and simplest mayo recipe. We have been making it on a weekly basis for 6 months now. Perfect for tailoring to individuals dietary requirements. Add in Avocado for a great green dip, chipotle peppers for a creamy hot dipping sauce, mustard and honey to accompany fried chicken. Variations are limited only by your imagination

    Thank you.

  46. Easiest mayo ever. Lived in Belgium many years, where mayo is a staple. My wife, son and I spent hours beating the mixture by hand, sometimes with success many times a do over. Your recipe is magic. but some comments. Made it several times with EVOO, and was bitter. Reduced the mustard, still bitter. Added some white balsamic vinegar to the mixture and that made it better. Used avocado oil, and that made it perfect. Thanks so much for making our life better. This evening, I’ll be adding a dollop of ketchup and use that as a dip for some cold or maybe slightly lukewarm lobster

  47. WOW!!! Just WOW! Thank you SO much! I’ve been doing the “drizzle method” with a blender for a few years, but because it takes time i often just go back to store bought. I did this method in SECONDS! Literally from the moment I opened the fridge to turning off the immersion blender it wasn’t 2 minutes! Thank you!!!

  48. Wow, this recipe is fantastic! I have tried to make mayo before and failed miserably, but had immediate success using your recipe. Living in a small rural town in SE Asia, I was unable to find white wine vinegar so I used pineapple vinegar which is about the closest thing (and does not taste like pineapple). The mayo turned out great and the whole family loves it!

  49. Hi! I never leave comments ever, but this recipe definitely deserves it! Thank you very much!
    I add 150g of oil and 3 tbsp of vinegar(I love sour taste in the mayonnaise) and 5 grams of mustard and it turned out just great, and that’s was my first attempt to make a mayonnaise:)
    I thought that I will screw it, since I played around the numbers(but the egg I used was tiny actually) but it really turned out just great:)

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