Two savory quinoa breakfast bowls and a cup of coffee

Savory Quinoa Breakfast Bowls

Savory Quinoa Breakfast Bowls – A hearty breakfast bowl filled with nutty quinoa, soft-boiled egg, blistered tomatoes, sautéed kale, creamy avocado, and a dollop of Greek yogurt. Great for breakfast, brunch, or even dinner....

What to Cook in February - February produce reference guide + 10 simple, delicious, and seasonal recipes | as easy as Apple Pie

What to Cook in February

What to cook in February – Take advantage of seasonal produce with these simple and tasty recipes. Eating seasonally is usually cheaper, healthier, and it supports your local farmers.

Two glasses of avocado strawberry layered smoothie with two straws

Avocado Strawberry Layered Smoothie

This Avocado Strawberry Layered Smoothie is healthy, filling, slightly sweet, and of course, beautiful! I love sipping smoothies any time of year because they’re easy to make, they taste amazing, and they’re also good...

Vegan buddha bowl garnished with fresh thyme and drizzled with lemon tahini dressing

Nourishing Vegan Buddha Bowl

This Nourishing Vegan Buddha Bowl with Lemon Tahini Dressing is not only tasty but also filling, healthy and satisfying. Ready to eat in less than 1 hour ! Buddha bowls are easy to prepare, nutritious, delicious, and...

A white plate with a stack of lemon coconut energy balls

Healthy Lemon Coconut Energy Balls

Healthy Lemon Coconut Energy Balls – Packed with raw cashew nuts, unsweetened shredded coconut, dates, chia seeds, and lemon, they are the perfect no-bake snack or treat! For a lot of people, the new...

Stock up on January's produce, and try these unique and delicious seasonal recipes!

What to Cook in January

What to cook in January –  Make the most of seasonal ingredients with these unique and delicious recipes. For anyone who’s trying to add some excitement to mealtime, the new year marks a new start to try...

A mug of hot chocolate

Creamy Italian Hot Chocolate Mix

This Italian hot chocolate mix is made with a blend of semi-sweet chocolate and cocoa powder for an intense, decadent flavor and a creamy texture.  As the weather turns cold and raw, there’s nothing...

This creamy mushroom and blue cheese risotto is Italian comfort food at its best! The recipe is very easy and comes together in 35 minutes.|

Mushroom and Blue Cheese Risotto

This creamy mushroom and blue cheese risotto is Italian comfort food at its best! Risotto is a rather simple dish to make. It doesn’t require any special skills and comes together in no more than...